Dave's birthday


Greetings to Dave

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Pictures from Dave's Birthday - December 11th 2004

Angie reads a birthday greeting for Dave

Dave became the proud owner of a pair of Billabong boardies

A very hot and scary cup of Cappucino

Stiring the Cappucino

Paparazzi Dave

Duncan takes care of Dave's birthday haircut

The Birthday Man enjoying himself in the hammock equiped with a Chang, a fag and a real haircut

Duncan got himself a nice haircut too

Duncan's illuminated shoes at The Chai Bar II

Dave, The Chai Bar II and a pipe

A and D a lovely couple at The Chai Bar II

The Birthday cake (ingredients : Tomatoes, Cucumbers carrots and some salad)

No challenge to blow out the lights, the wind did that for Mr. Paine

A bird´s eye view of the famous cake


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