Pictures - 2003

- The annual golf challenge
- Team Denmark vs. Team Sweden

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Send an email to Carsten  Pictures from Araslövs Golfklubb, Sweden (Text by Martin Selck)

First day, first tee, first two pairs there is tension in the air.

Gathering at the first tee

Per is looking down hole one, hmm short par 5 457m. Five iron for sure.

”hygge” after a god day of golf. Danes is sitting with BIG beers, Swedes standing with small beers

Group therapy in the Danish team

I feel like ”mousel” tonight

Martin is a good listener when he is not talking

One HAPPY captain

Kim, Henning and Carsten on a warm September night

Somebody took the little mermaid’s stone

Søren is explaining the fine art of ”mousel”

Carsten is the first man in the bar

Kim, Per, Carsten and the big ”beautiful” trophy

Look it is bigger than Ole

The infamous lake at the 18th green

Tired golfers on the 18th fairway after three days and five rounds of golf

Last parings on the 18th fairway

Nice little chip to the flag

OK a boomerang ball, this time I will try the putter (And we all know what happened next)

Champagne for the winners

Victory shower

Cheers Kim

Cheers Magnus

Cheers Nicklas

Cheers Tobbe, nice hat!

Golf is easy - in theory...

Dinner time

Come to Daddy

Now listen here Peter, you're suppose to hit a little white ball when you're playing golf

Peter the camera “pet” and Iver is thinking “Henning is an under cover Swede”

Tobbe, Nicklas is not listening any more!

Who is the lucky owner of this bar tap?

OK, Nicklas is sleepy again

Now, the camera man is drunk

Wakey, Wakey, Peter

AA just found a new member

Søren and Carsten are enjoying the moment

Relaxing big time

A Kodak moment, this is where Ole got his nick name from (On/Off)

Claus is trying everything but Søren has got a firm grip on Iver

They even got mobile phones in Sweden

No more coffee for Nicklas

Dinner time

Fire!!! No I think the camera man is a smoker

Peter is saying something very exiting

Breakfast the most important meal of the day, next after lunch and dinner.

Three happy guys on the 18th green

Martin just shi… his pants and Carsten is trying to stand tall

Practise day with Claus, lesson #1: Here is how to make a little chip

Practise day with Claus, lesson #2: Then a biiig drive

Practise day with Claus, lesson #3: Now where is the bar?

Victory ceremony in front off the clubhouse

Now fill it up

Tobbe, please save some for the rest

Skåål Nicklas

For God and country

A thirsty captain

Christian is looking for the bottom

Kim is drinking as usual and I do not want to know what Johan has promised Carsten tonight

Tobbe wants to be the price next year

Teams picture

And one more

We have seen it Claus, it’s a golf course

One happy winner and one last glance at the trophy from a not so happy loser

This is OFF...

Henning, Iver, Søren and Martin are trying to avoid dehydration

I’ll be back

See you next year handsome

Breakfast time and Johan is not enjoying it

Has anyone saved some eggs for me, my wife will appreciate it.

Yes got the eggs

Morning practise

Claus is still thinking about lesson #3

Lunch in the open and everyone is very happy

Kim is enjoying the trophy

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