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- The annual golf challenge
- Team Denmark vs. Team Sweden

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Team Denmark:

Iver Albæk

Lars Christiansen

Henning Engedal

Per Jørgensen

Peter Laursen

Claus Petersen

Martin Selck

Søren Thyregod

Ole Westergaard


Team Sweden:

Nicklas Abrahamsson

Peter Bergstrand

Tobbe Bosson

Christian Esbensen

Magnus Linder

Kim Selck

Johan Sjödin

Staffan Sjödin

Carsten Wulff



  About Player Profiles:

On this part of the website you can find information about the participants in The B&P Cup. We only present and update information about active players in the two teams. Former players in The B&P Cup are not presented on this part of the website though they will figure in the individual and overall scores.

As we so far haven't taken any official pictures of the players, the pictures used under each profile are taken from different events on and off the golf courses we played at and visited.

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