Pictures - 2005

- The annual golf challenge
- Team Denmark vs. Team Sweden

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Send an email to Carsten  Pictures from Tomelilla Golfklubb, Sweden (Text by Carsten Wulff)

"Do I have to do all the unpacking, Henning ...."

"It wasn't me, Søren did it all by himself"

According to Søren, the elbow is the most important part when you're playing golf - For further information please call him, we're still waiting for a valid answer...

Meeting up for the first time in a year

So there's a lot to talk about

And of course first of all, we need a beer

Martin already seems to be a bit scared - even before we start playing golf

Ole, Iver and Peter look worried too

The golfball was this big, but Claus is laughing and Carsten is just amused - Nicklas is showing Johan his new Wedding ring and Johan is listing very carefully

Iver doesn't want his picture taken and Magnus thinks he can hide by closing his eyes. Søren is as always one big happy smile

somebody is waiting for the food

these guys might talk about next days tactics

Iver still doesn't like to have his picture taking and Per is testing a Swedish beer

Søren ready at first tee

and a lot of us are not impressed :-) (sorry Søren)

Not many smiles here

We usually go in different directions...

Just a nice view

Carsten is trying to put, and nobody could care less...

Getting ready for 10th hole

Well Christian they don't care about your scorecard

Staffan is testing a new grip and Claus is smoking as always

Peter has a nice swing !

Another picture from the 1st hole

Søren is more interested in johans (trousers) than Martins put

Again nobody cares about Carstens put

Henning is trying to avoid the water. Did he succeed - we can't remember

Who rang the bell...

Putting concentration

Søren seems to say to Martin: "Can you believe his doing that on a golfcourse"

Søren is concentrating on Johan while Martin seems to concentrate on Nicklas - different persepctive I guess...

Another view from around a green

Yes Peter, We do have green grass in Sweden...

Ohhh Nooo Claus missed the ball.... - again :-)

Kim is aiming for the ball

Dinner and drinks

Kim is for once telling a borring story

Søren is always soooo happy

Peter on the range....

And he might want to buy some less funny equipment...

Per says we have to go in that direction, Peter can't believe him and Ole doesn't care

Kim is VERY concerned 'cause Johan just told him he's rehired by Jysk :-) !

Peter just showed Nicklas his new high fashion underwear, but Nicklas refuses to look :-)

Christian is learning how to count

This must be the most funny golf swing ever..... :-)

We're playing cards and who's playing "under cover" ? I guess it's Carsten (again) :-)

Lars had so much fun.... for 2 and a half days

Carsten is trying to put his shoes on simultaniously with his warm-up

Nicklas still have a nice swing

And finish it like Colin Montgomery

Another early morning at first tee

Look I can smoke with only one hand

Golf swing number one

Golf swing number two

And golf swing number 3..

There's a Swedish side and a Danish side at the table

As well as a Danish side and a Swedish side....

Warning ! - golf balls are flying in this area

Rules are made not to be obeyed

Who left the key in the golfcart?

"Ohh I got it, it's the small round white thing I have to hit, thanks Martin"

Johan Hip-Hop Sjödin

Winners 2005

This might be the look of a bunch of looooosers..... Take a closer look - Oh yes it is....

Tobbe can't believe Team Sweden won this year

Tobbe IS a tall guy

Yes that is the golf course we've been using for the last 5 rounds

Serious you have to work on that High-Five thing

Iver at the range

Kim at the range

And Christian at the range

Is that ball in the rough?

Nope, it's in a small tree

But Christian has to play it from there...

Are you pointing at me !

A cold draft beer just before sunset - NICE !

Magnus has a big.... ehh belly :-)

No need to use a driver if you have a 5 iron, right Per?

Well, Iver used the driver anyway

Claus just lost his horse somewhere down the hill...

Henning in focus

Lars is smiling 'cause the golfcart isn't moving and Carsten is nowhere near to take the steering wheel....

Fantastic sunset over Tomelilla Golf Club

Iver is frustrated

Here even more frustrated

Kim with shaky legs on green number 18

Kim just made the put on the 18th green and won the match for Team Sweden

Team Sweden is getting ready for the Champagne

The very big and ugly cup

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