The B&P Cup - Since 2002

- The annual golf challenge
- Team Denmark vs. Team Sweden

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Champions 2007: Team Sweden (18 - 6)

(Clockwise from top left : Johan, Nicklas, Christian, Nico, Staffan, Magnus, Carsten and Kim - Tobbe is missing )

Current standing:
Team Sweden 5 - Team Denmark 1




  What is this all about ?

We are a bunch of guys living in Denmark and Sweden. Since May 2002 we have been meeting up once a year to challenge each other in The B&P Cup which is played in The Ryder Cup style.

The letters "B" and "P" are adopted from the famous Danish golfer (Thomas) Bjørn and the famous Swedish golfer (Jesper) Parnevik as a tribute to their great achievements on golf courses all over the world.

These days we are 18 guys playing each other every second year in Denmark and every second year in Sweden on the second weekend of September.

The team currently holding the cup get the advantage to be on the website front page.


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